Tuesday, April 14, 2015

of 27

oh hey. ive turned 27 this year. what a beautiful number. i always looking forward to be an adult, proper grown up. im about to be one. yeay!

just 3 more years to the three series. yeay! urm okay. big three O. ookay. sounds bit *cough* old.

thing is im running late. idk perhaps this past few months has been a little slow to me i feel restless. i dont like it i want to change but i dont know where to begin.

and i got myself a car. after much consideration. few mistakes along the way. and i realize. oh hey its nice to be 27.

here's why.

the other day i attended a meeting with IEM Toastmasters Club. i was early. usually i would arrive just ontime via public transport, trains and walk for quite some distance but driving there just took me 30 mins. so i took my time running some errands and have a nice cup of barley while waiting with few other members.

before the meeting started, i went to my car to change my shoes. because the meeting is somewhat in formal setting, ive gotta dress to the occasion, we always have, dont we? when i was walking towards the car, there was a nice shiny Benz parked next to it. admiring it briefly i proceed unlocking my car. looking up, there was my friend, apparently walking behind me without me noticing, fellow Past President of the club, looking quite suprised himself

PP: i thought that was ur car. *pointing to the silver Benz*
Me: wow u did? aameeen to that, LOL.
PP: i was wondering what this young lady do to be driving such car.
Me: haha how i wish its mine. im happy with this now. *glancing towards my very car*
PP: its a nice car. my wife had this before
Me: really? cool, i just bought this recently actually.
(not knowing how to mask my words, LOL)

it struck me until this moment. i do have some expectations towards me. i mean, yeah i always do. but i always so focused towards my goal i never see any need to comply with others general perception of what should i do i just have things my way. if living frugal will retain me most money so i can stick to my plan, thats what i am.

and i also realize i need to have a certain way of carrying myself to get there. how not to be cheap while aiming to save and not spending? this is where it gets tricky.

but thats the nice thing about being young. 27 is still young.
we can afford to be cheap.
we can afford to make mistakes.
we can afford to not knowing goals.

but i am not.
i dont want cheap.
i dont want to be delayed by stupid mistakes.
i dont want to be strayed too much and regret later for not being able to achieve my goals.

27 is like so young but so old. or me, like i always been, having an old soul.

ive gotta stay focused. *feeling determined*