Wednesday, October 29, 2014

bear w me. i am recalculating.

i dont like it.
but it happens anyway.
its there when its there.
cant deny it.
it has the wisdom.
one thing i treasure of discovering.
for one im struggling to be equipped with.
it went far.
yet can only get so far.
its not right, clearly is wrong.
one sharp end.
i can take it.
take it like a man.

but i found ur shadow.
or actually another,
but why it carry ur shadow i wonder?

its only fair to be fair for the both of us.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Under Construction

hello folks.

i will briefly lay out the steps taken in transforming a flat land into a remarkable building that will enhance the overall view of the neighbouring flat land.


okay this is not an architectural blog. im building just another building which might not be very aestheticcally pleasant to your eyes! or atleast to my eyes. i never liked my clients taste of facade colour scheme applied. haha!

i will try to be as elaborate as a contractor can be. so please bear with this brief one at the moment.

- setting out

get the boundary by whatever means provided by the client. the border stone landmark or coordinate to peg (marking on the earth, using small sticks, often with a nail on top)

1) border point (s)
2) building points
3) piling points (if any)

barricade the area so nobody will come and making any mess that my lost the pegging points.

if the point of reference happens to be far away form the site, make one temporary reference point where the coordinate and level is known. often marked with level

its important to retain this point throughout the projects until completion. so u might want to concrete the base and barricade this point as well. place it at the location with least possible interruption.

- foundation

there are several types of foundation

shallow foundation - footings

deep foundation - piling

nahh few more types of footings and pilings there is.

the most commonly used one is the piling where u pile to set.

upon completion, carry out an as built survey so we can assure any offsets is within the allowed eccentricity.

- pile caps & stump

start with transferring the gridlines from the plan drawing onto the ground.

make sure the pegging/temporary fence for the gridline reference is sturdy enough to stay at least until the casting of ground floor column. not too far surrounding the building but not too close to not to interfere with workers and machines.

cut off the pile head until the designated level.
one rule is finished floor level, minus the slab and beam, stump, pilecaps. study carefully on how much the pile is supposed to be casted inside the pilecaps and the starter bars from the pilehead.
the excavation is slightly lower than the pile head level by whatever length to be casted inside the pilecaps, concrete cover and also the lean concrete.

- ground beam

- ground slab

- ground floor column

- first floor beam & slab

- first floor column

- roof beam

- roof truss installation

- roof cover installation

- bricklaying

- door & window frame installation

- plumbing

- sanitary lines

- electrical wiring

- air conditioning wiring

- plastering

- floor finishing

- doors, windows & ironmongeries

- ceiling installation

- painting

- sanitary wares

- electrical fittings

- aircondition installation

- painting

- sundries

- drainage

- apron

- fencing & gate

- turfing works/ landscape

these are the words u have got to put in the work programme, site diaries, progress report.

i'll update whenever i feel like.