Monday, January 6, 2014

I need a pisau

I used to keep a good parang always in the car. Often just under the seat. Praying hard i wont have to use it. Its not even sharpened when i first bought it from a hardware store. And oh, even the experience buying it giving me goosebumps. I followed the worker to the back of the store, climb up a ladder to a storage of all parang, sabit, kapak, u name it.
The parang later used by my men, and i eventually bought a sharpening stone later.

I still keep it after my men not using them. Whenever there's need for cutting or chopping, my parang always comes handy. Eh dont get me wrong, all work use. Nothing much.

Although when u read through this piece of writing and start to wondering what kind of work have i gotten myself into, rest assured it was all legal. And yes it does involve everything however unpretty as rumours may have it. Like how about me having late afternoon chat with gangs, surrounded with their motorcycle of which having a shiny long parang slipped under the seat?

There's not even once of me being in any life threatening situation. But i wasnt approached by only one gang to start with. We even purposedly delay the deal to cooperate with any.

Thus it was a sensibly a self comfort knowing i always have parang ready. Its like a form of protection in the rural place. Ever since i started to be stationed in remote places away at least 30mins from the main road. So i keep a chemical spray (it was a gift from my then company director), attached w a whistle, a pointed pair of scissors (inspired my my then company other director who keep a idk what its called but pointed small stuff for some twenty years in the industry) before the parang join me aboard.

Now that i have withdrew myself from the situation. I returned the car, and the parang is now handed to one of my then men.

Now i need a pisau. I dont know i somehow found myself gone deeper in remote areas, on foot, it seems wise to upgrade my blade w multitools (my third set but the only one i still own) to a real survival knife.

I have briefly researched on the subject. These are my findings and will be updates once i learn more on that

Where to get - any good hardware store may have one. Ace hardware in mines, or ogm in ss15 is been recomended to be a good spot. Often any outdoor store will hv them

Budget - rm100

Tangs - looks strong with a full tangs, but a folded ones seems handy.

Brand - anything reliable. Ka-bar, gerber bear grylls, mora.

Sheath - easy to carry on belt.

Material - not easily rusty. Low maintenance. No frequent sharpening necessity. Carbon steel?

Others - comes with magnesium fire starter perhaps?

Looking forward for my first real knife :)

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