Monday, December 15, 2014

ideal kind of daily schedule

0530 - rise n shine
0615 - morning run/read n write.
0645 - shower and get dressed
0705 - have breakfast
0720 - off to work
0800 - 1700 - work
1800 - evening run
2000 - dinner
2100 - hobby doing
2200 - leisure
2300 - late night light workout
0000 - late night read and write.
0100 - off to bed

pftttt i mean, look at all the gone hours ive spent just to get online. go online n do nothing exactly productive.

and what worried me the most is that i cannot write anymore. i mean writing good length of an article or something.

or it should look soemthing like this

1 day - 24 hours.

8 hours time with ownself - 4 hours sleep, eat, pray, read Quran

8 hours work - focus. give all to it, work. build that handsome building. and to be kind at work. keep sel

8 hours self development - learning new stuff, hobbies, read n write, read more about work. do some calculations.

hmmmm... just some fine tuning to fit in new year resolution.
sounds like a plan

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

bear w me. i am recalculating.

i dont like it.
but it happens anyway.
its there when its there.
cant deny it.
it has the wisdom.
one thing i treasure of discovering.
for one im struggling to be equipped with.
it went far.
yet can only get so far.
its not right, clearly is wrong.
one sharp end.
i can take it.
take it like a man.

but i found ur shadow.
or actually another,
but why it carry ur shadow i wonder?

its only fair to be fair for the both of us.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Under Construction

hello folks.

i will briefly lay out the steps taken in transforming a flat land into a remarkable building that will enhance the overall view of the neighbouring flat land.


okay this is not an architectural blog. im building just another building which might not be very aestheticcally pleasant to your eyes! or atleast to my eyes. i never liked my clients taste of facade colour scheme applied. haha!

i will try to be as elaborate as a contractor can be. so please bear with this brief one at the moment.

- setting out

get the boundary by whatever means provided by the client. the border stone landmark or coordinate to peg (marking on the earth, using small sticks, often with a nail on top)

1) border point (s)
2) building points
3) piling points (if any)

barricade the area so nobody will come and making any mess that my lost the pegging points.

if the point of reference happens to be far away form the site, make one temporary reference point where the coordinate and level is known. often marked with level

its important to retain this point throughout the projects until completion. so u might want to concrete the base and barricade this point as well. place it at the location with least possible interruption.

- foundation

there are several types of foundation

shallow foundation - footings

deep foundation - piling

nahh few more types of footings and pilings there is.

the most commonly used one is the piling where u pile to set.

upon completion, carry out an as built survey so we can assure any offsets is within the allowed eccentricity.

- pile caps & stump

start with transferring the gridlines from the plan drawing onto the ground.

make sure the pegging/temporary fence for the gridline reference is sturdy enough to stay at least until the casting of ground floor column. not too far surrounding the building but not too close to not to interfere with workers and machines.

cut off the pile head until the designated level.
one rule is finished floor level, minus the slab and beam, stump, pilecaps. study carefully on how much the pile is supposed to be casted inside the pilecaps and the starter bars from the pilehead.
the excavation is slightly lower than the pile head level by whatever length to be casted inside the pilecaps, concrete cover and also the lean concrete.

- ground beam

- ground slab

- ground floor column

- first floor beam & slab

- first floor column

- roof beam

- roof truss installation

- roof cover installation

- bricklaying

- door & window frame installation

- plumbing

- sanitary lines

- electrical wiring

- air conditioning wiring

- plastering

- floor finishing

- doors, windows & ironmongeries

- ceiling installation

- painting

- sanitary wares

- electrical fittings

- aircondition installation

- painting

- sundries

- drainage

- apron

- fencing & gate

- turfing works/ landscape

these are the words u have got to put in the work programme, site diaries, progress report.

i'll update whenever i feel like.

Friday, September 19, 2014

branded stuff; yay or nay?

heres the quick update fr the previous post. i couldnt get my complete supplies in just yet, i coulnt start the project just yet. bleargh. and oh, some items do not suitable for the projects too. but it shall be put into a good use one the following stage should i get this whole thing actually started.
hiccups. but im in it to win it. insyaAllah :)

ok back to our topic title.. do you prefer branded goods or just anything, regardless of the brand, as long as you feel like you could get it. i mean, of course, if we could afford it all. doesnt matter if we dont, but the overall shopping criteria that is. am i mumbling useless words in here? lol

heres the thing. i appreciate quality, the engineering behind and good and fine workmanship. so, yay for brand to me. 

i tried not to be a victim of capitalism (mehh) and avoid paying the premiums for the marketing these brands have, so sometimes i'll be sourcing for unpopular no brand goods and tried to call myself a bargain hunter. while it cost me less than that of well known brand of similar items, it really challenge my tolerance for quality and reliability too. 

knowing my wide range of interest of hobbies, i rely on my equipments a lot. my Nikon was amongst me first big purchase. i opted the brand than the infamous counterpart, Canon,  simply because it feels right in my hand. the way it fits when i grip it. its a neverending comparison between these two (other brands was rather new at the time) so come decision making time, i tend to inclined to these hidden and unexplainable cues and happily exchange my hard earned money with. 

with the limited resource and unlimited needs and wants it kind of and eyesore for me for those who doesnt appreciate the good goods they have. now im going to sounds like a boring aunty here. i owned a cheap rucksack back then. and i happen to mingle with richkids a lot back then. so obviously their rucksacks are those top in the line and they didnt even pack it well to make it serve the purpose well. i mean, its like they are carrying this four figures priced pack for a few hourse hike and they didnt pack and buckle up properly and they complaint how they got back pain later on? seriously??? even my el cheapo packs can be set up to be more comfortable than their badly used packs.

alright the reason im writing these because i just watched a video on this rich blogger, a daughter of some rich parents, showing her jewellery collection. one whole island wardrobe, few customised drawer to nicely display each and every necklaces bracelets bangles and rings with dedicated velvet trays and all. and you wont believe me where she stored he watches. she got one nice watchbox too, with slots of ten if im not mistaken, but some of them stored in jewellery box, like u do with ur pins!
maybe her watches are expensive enough it wont easily get scrathed and dinged but.. poor watches. they have their pride telling u time, ticking every second even without u wearing, but u put them inside that tiny box like tuna in a can? 

these are also why im a very bad at fashion, clothings, shoes and anything in that department. i dont want to spend so much but i look into the quality if the fabric feels right, if the seams are tight, if the cutting fits my body right. and more often than not, these doesnt come as cheap. the cheap ones is not as good. so i end up bot buying, and keep using the ones i already hv until i cant wear them anymore and forced to be replaced and forced to buy cheap not quality pieces. thats pretty much the cycle. 
sometimes i feel like i could design my own clothes, my own shoes, so i can reserve my comments how badly constructed things are and still be able to dress well. 

but one thing for sure, whatever weightage that governs my decision making acquiring anything i owned, i commit to it. once i have it, i wl appreciate it sometimes a little too much. one of my hiking pants has torn so much but i find a way to patch it up and proudly wearing them again n again because i just can. talk about a deep sense of attachment, i am no lack in that.

*flips hair*

till then, hv a nice day peeps :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

back in business, insyaAllah

yeap. penJelaJahJuJur is thinking of going back into the business.

going back. not going into. gahh i almost forgot i did had some kind of business back then.
albeit a questionable succession achieved. LOL!
but hey, i didn't flop the whole thing so it was rather ok thing going.
it doesn't pay very well, but what i appreciate the most is the convenience it serves people and me, too. a big plus point too when you love what you are doing and the ringgit that comes is bonus.

but business is business. we still have to serve people well and get the profit in return so it has to be taken care of very carefully, the people's expectation, trust, and the ringgits.

i had had my lesson.
my first business was selling prepaid reload. online basis. thats about it. people want, i give. and record. and thanks to my roomate back then, insisting me to chase them customers for payment. it was rather passive kind of marketing but using solely my student loan as the capital, i wasnt very happy having outstanding payment to receive anything above a couple of hundreds.
as a shy person, asking for payment is like wearing some funny mask on my face.
i dont handle my customers well even. it got into personals as well. as my buyers was just among friends, close friends, the conflict was rather childish but lets just hope i outgrew the attitude at this age. very paiseh.

so now, new chapter. new business. gotta have a lot more brainstorming but i got the initial steps taken in the parallel manner. paperworks, paperworks.
going to take sometimes before the actual product launching.

how do i get the idea..

it was 'hey, i need this stuff'
and then 'hey, i could make this'
and 'hey, i could sell this.. and.. profit!'

(note: read it in rather scientific manner like a scientist discovered something new. mythbuster much)

please pray for my success, people.

Thank you :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tempat tempat membayar zakat

Disclaimer: tulisan ini untuk rujukan peribadi, andai salah mohon diberikan teguran andai bermanfaat, silalah share sharekan :)

Zakat fitrah, zakat harta, zakat pedapatan, zakat perniagaan, zakat emas, zakat perak, zakat wang simpanan, dan lain lain

Bila rasa diri dah besar, mempunyai kemampuan, dan cukup nisabnya, wajiblah keatas kita mengembalikan apa yang dipinjamkan kepada kita kepada yang hak.

Dan, sebagai seorang yang jahil dan moderate keyboard warrior, hal zakat ini biasanya digoogle atau dijadikan issue untuk disembangkan dengan rakan rakan.. Jadi saya disini mengumpulkan findings yang perlu direkodkan sebab kesan dari banyak termakan semut dan tengok benda benda tak sepatutnya, saya banyak bebeno lupa.

ZAKAT FITRAH- ini setiap sebelum raya Aidilfitri.

Rate zakat ini ialah mengikut majlis agama islam dan biasanya berlainan mengikut negeri, dan juga nengikut beras yang dimakan.
Kadarnya ialah tiga cupak atau 2.7kg, kiraan kasarnya, tetapi ikutlah rate negeri masing masing.


1. Booth booth zakat banyak terdapat di bazar ramadhan, shopping mall, masjid. Amil yang dilantik dari Pusat Pungutan Zakat tempatan.
2. Sistem SMS - limited to sesetengah telco yang offer dan negeri yabg dilibatkan.
3. Online - google sahaja pusat pungutan zakat/majlis agama islam dan pilih yang tertentu, biasanya akan dinyatakan bagaimana untuk transfer secara online.

Sebaiknya dapatkan resit dan simpan jika anda bakal dikenakan cukai atau memang dah kena cukai supaya boleh claim balik.

ZAKAT LAIN LAIN - seperti yang dinyatakan diatas,

Rate zakat ini ialah spesifik bergantung kepada jenis zakat yang diwajibkan. Misalnya zakat pendapatan ialah 2.5% atau gunakan sahaja kalkulator (google: kalkulator zakat) guna yang myeg atau ada dua jenis pengiraan, yang simple atau dengan deductions (income -(self+parents+epf) x 2.5%). Boleh buat monthly atau lumpsum annually.
Zakat emas dan perak pula ikut gram dipakai dan gram disimpan. Please please refer to kalkulator zakat juga.

Saluran pembayaran juga seperti diatas, kecuali dah takde booth, amil amil bukak meja dekat shopping mall dan bazar ramadhan/pasarmalam mahupun masjid.
Sistem SMS juga afaik tiada. Jenuh kalian nak topup empat ribu semata mata nak bayar zakat tiga ribu lima ratus? Contoh ye, contoh.
Biasanya zakat kategori ini ialah lebih banyak daripada zakat fitrah.

Utamakan orang paling rapat dengan anda. Ingatlah, sedekah terbaik ialah kepada orang yang paling rapat dengan anda. Begitu juga zakat. Asalkan penerima yang layak menerima zakat itu bukanlah orang tanggungan anda yang itu ialah dipanggil nafkah dan termasuk perbelanjaan terkecuali zakat. Kelebihannya ialah dapat melaksanakan kewajipan berzakat disamping mengeratkan silaturrahim sesama kita.

Asnaf asnaf ialah terbahagi kepada beberapa kategori seperti yang telah anda pelajari disekolah dahulu, sila rujuk rujukan lanjut untuk penerangannya. Jadi setelah yakin anda berjumpa personally asnaf berkenaan, berilah zakat anda kepadanya dengan niat zakat lillahitaala.

Jika anda inginkan resit pengecualian cukai pula, takkan lah nak suruh Mak Limah jiran sekampung anda keluarkan resit pula, maka anda boleh menyalurkan kepada pusat pungutan zakat tempatan


badan badan NGO yang dipastikan dengan adil mampu menyalurkan hasil kutipan kepada asnaf yang layak. Alternatif ini ialah untuk anda yang pasti dengan cause ataupun aktiviti NGO tersebut dan ialah berdaftar supaya resit dia laku besok nak claim cukai.

Membayar kepada pusat pungutan zakat kerajaan atau bukan kerajaan ada kelebihan masing masing. Namun satu perkara yang menjadi pilihan orang ramai ialah kerana badan NGO ialah amat proaktif dalam mencari dan mengesan asnaf walau mereka terpinggir dan tidak banyak karenah birokrasi mahupun kena isi Borang A dan B berserta lapan lampiran lengkap dengan chop ketua kampung JKKKKK apa bagai.

Memetik kata kata seorang family friend 'bagi duit untuk orang susah tu senang, tapi kalau dapat pergi sendiri jumpa dan bagi sendiri, satu kesan mendalam pasti hadir dalam diri kita'

So contoh contoh NGO yang boleh menjadi tempat kita keluarkan zakat ialah yang berkaitan fakir, miskin, muallaf, orang yang berjuang fisabilillah dalam negara atau negara miskin/bergolak.

Perlu diingatkan sekali lagi, utamakan mereka yang paling rapat dengan kita, atau seperti tips pelabur pelabur pasaran saham

Diversify, diversify, diversify.
Laburlah dengan baik untuk pasaran akhirat kita.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


For this coming Raya im setting somer ground rules for all to be observed.

Failure to do so will result in deep frustration and uneasy feelings on my end.

Im wishing each and everyone of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir Batin.

If you dont already informed where will i be spending my Raya, expect no answer from me.

Friends and families are welcomed to datang beraya but strictly to inform yours truly prior to ur visit.

Again, no suprise visit.

And if you are generally far, please dont expect us to raya together. No invitation to raya at ur place shall be entertained. And to save us some reason making, do not even think of asking.

Raya is indeed a crucial time for everyone my age. Dont try to ruin it.

That would be all.

Have a fun raya everyone!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The only creature who would resort to getting a hair cut in the to do list after any long tiring negotiation with life issues and missing the hair later only to grow the hair longer having the Disney's princess-ey look theu longed.

One of the favourite past time activity she would enjoy doing by herself is playing dress up getting out her fav clothes, mix n match, dress and undress repeatedly be amazed or otherwise upon glancing the reflection in her largest mirror in the house and too tired to put it back nicely in the wardrobe and found herself go 'i have nothing to wear' every other day.

No matter how much a lady go around telling her friends 'im not like other ladies, i dont shop as much' chances are she definitely did not realize how much time she has spent wandering about that shopping mall and still have clothes in her closet she has not worn since she bought it unless of course during her play-dress-up time.

Never try to understand woman. We are too shy to admit these silly things.



The only creature who would resort to getting a hair cut in the to do list after any long tiring negotiation with life issues and missing the hair later only to grow the hair longer having the Disney's princess-ey look the longed.

One of the favourite past time activity she would enjoy doing by herself is playing dress up getting out her fav clothes, mix n match, dress and undress repeatedly and too tired to put it back nicely in the wardrobe and found herself go 'i have nothing to wear' every other day.

No matter how much a lady go around telling her friends 'im not like other ladies, i dont shop as much' chances are she definitely did not realize how much time she has spent wandering about that shopping mall and still have clothes in her closet she has not worn since she bought it unless of course during her play-dress-up time.

Never try to understand woman. We are too shy to admit these silly things.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Of compliments

I just dont know how to take a compliment.

All i could ever exercise was
'Thank you, i take that as a compliment' generic, and somewhat cynical. But doesnt always get the priority placing in my real life one line response list.

When i was getting my pay rise, i accompanied a thank you with 'uh huh, whats the catch?' To. My. Boss.
Really, brain??? Wheres my manner?? It didnt see it coming twice increments on my second year but could hv responded better hows that too hard?

Or when people say i look thinner
'Ahh no, its the shirt. Im wearing one size up'
Why cant i just smile and say my thanks and perhaps compliment him/her back?

Now i think i should do that fr now on. Reply with a thank, and quickly gather one nice thing about the complimentor and smile while saying that and mean it
'Thank you, u look nice too!'
'Thank you, that shoes looks very good on you'

There must be one obvious thing that worth mentioning within 3 secs timeframe.

Now lets replay tonights happenstance
'Are you still studying? You looked very young'
'Nahh i think i look older than i actually am, sun beaten i must say'
'Thank you, i rarely get that compliment but really thank you. You look like losing a good deal on weight, eh? You look fabulous'
Oh come on. Fake is better than nothing right. I just know him last two weeks. He is thin like couldnt-care-less-to-eat-nor-even-bother-to-workout thin.

Or upon my comment
'I was like a robot throwing words in front there just now not actually giving a speech'
'No way u looked rather confidence despite being..pointless'
And perhaps i could be enlighted and replace this
'Nahh i think i can fake it at times'
To something like
'Do i? Ok looking forward to improve next time but really, thanks for the heads up'

Maybe i really wasnt born a nice person, but i want to at least be remembered as sometimes shes nice kinda person.

Lets work on it!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Im so getting older

I cant describe how good it feels to be all alone by myself in my room when i dont have anything to do outside, not working no nothing.
But i cant always do that.
I spend most of my time outside still.

I need to get to work.
I need to get food and other supplies.
I need to commute for somp many other reason.

As much as i love it to stay shut inside, one might still found me sipping drinks in coffee place at homely hours. I need a comfy chair for my bum to accompany me reading or sometimes i feel like i need to cari jodoh because seriously my biological clock is ticking im getting older and seeing ur peers keep showing their offsprings off made this auntie in her childbearing age slightly too sad of the wantings.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No im good.

Separated by a 4mm green tinted glass wall, i could see two couples sat by a table and i couldnt help but wondering
Are they having an e cig tutorial lesson or something?
They got my attention when a guy puffed out a thick smoke from a somewhat mobilephone-like device.
He then proceeds with a box of tiny glass bottles filled with mukticolured liquid. Must be the vapor i reckon.
Now they are passing a piece of e cig around and the first guy is doing some elaborate persuasion to get them buy a set from him, judgung from the large hand movement of his.

You just got a lady feels like she needs a smokey fix. Just a puff will do. Or two.

Sad day.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Resolution renew mid 2014

Jumping ship meant an upgrade in my career journey. Although advancing, i have yet again to put myself as a beginner to learn as much as possible and open up to new ideas.
High rise and commercial property is new to me. Its interesting to see this is the market trending it seems at least in klang valley area.
Has to put a lot of patience and gain the trust of the team since i am a newcomer and they have a different culture. Gotta learn to adapt adapt and adapt.
Try to not to eliminate any oncoming obstacles but to tackle and resolve them.

Personal development.
Read diff things. Current issues, general knoiwledge, economy, finance, and award self w chick lit reads every once in a while. Look for classes too perhaps?

Gotta start running, zumba, again. But i walked quite a distance to n fro train station to work so thats an everyday physical activity the least to be maintained. So unless got terrible insomnia eczema knee pain digestion prob, treasure this running holiday.
Perhaps could eye on charity works around kl area.
New hobby can wait.

Have all natural food. Go for least processed form.
Cut down sugar, salt & oil.
More fibers ie vege n fruits. Vary the colours.
Cook at home. Carry tenong to work.
Nevermind having simple meals as long as its healthy.
Good for the body, too.

One ringgit saved is one ringgit earned.
Nuff said.

Cash, valuables, invest.
Dump as many as possible in asb.
Periodically acquire precious metals or other valuables.

To put on hold
- gunung
- luxury

InsyaAllah lets work on it!

Friday, April 4, 2014

My dream, insyaAllah

These are the roadmaps of going forward, insyaAllah, jika panjang umur.
It has been on my mind for quute sometimes. It started not very long ago. Yeappp, im already in it why bother writing this down now?

Because i still not committed to any long term doings. Been traveling here and there and i got the unsettling feelings and i figured i havent really write down the vows!

I got the worst feeling when a week long hiking trips ended earlier than expected like, 'oh, i have to figure what to do next' like, 'i hated going back ths early to the civilization'. As much as i hate to admit, i didnt come out with a properly lined out planning!

So here goes.

1. Volunteer. I want to make a change, make the world better, and see myself not doing for money and profit. I want to get rid of the dependancy of money. I've got enough guilt to be cleansed thoroughly.
This would be as long as 1 or 2 yrs.

2. Then i'll get back to the world, and further my studies. Perhaps something in management. I do love the technicals, but management is what im truly lacking of and be of more necessity. So like construction management or project management would be nice.

3. Then i'll join back the workforce. I dont mind starting it all over again, but it will be my give-it-all-out again.

4. I foresee my early retirement, perhaps to kick starr somethinv i would call my own. My company.

Please, please, pray for me.

May Allah ease everything, Ameen.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cara memakai bag hiking.

1. Setelah di pack dengan baik, pastikan bag ialah seimbang bahagian kiri dan kanan, boleh diletakkan secara menegak dan tidak terbalil atau sengat, dan tiada bonjolan terkeluar yang boleh menganggu anda sewaktu menggalas bag.

2. Dalam posisi berdiri, angkat bag secara menegak dan dilektakkan ketas paha anda. Bengkokkan lutut untuk menampung berat bag. Cari tempat meletak kaki lebih tinggi (lebih kurang sekaki) bagi memudahkan bengkokkan lutut.

3. Dalam posisi sedikt membongkok, masukkan sebelah tangan kedalam shoulder strap dan alihkan kebelakang badan dan segera memasukkan tangan disebelah lain. Jangan berdiri dahulu.

4. Tundukkan kepala dan badan denagan bag berada diatas belakang.

5. Tarik strap berkenaan mengikut turutan
-shoulder strtap, kiri dan kanan
-hipbelt. Buckle kemudian fasten the strap.

6. Kembalj ke posisi berdiri. Tarik strap diatas bahu anda. Sila pastikan load ialah terasa dibahaghian hip. Ketatkan hipbelt jika masih terasa berat dibahu.

7. Pasang chestrap. Fasten kan.

8. Ulang periksa mana mana bahagian sehingga menjumpai setting yang benar benar sesuai dgn anda.

9. Pastikan anda rasa selesa. Cuba berjalan. Adakah dapat glaze into the jungle like Katniss Aberdeen?

You are now good to go.
Thank you and enjoy ur trip!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kelengkapan masuk hutan dan mendaki gunung; dan cara packing (bahagian I)

1. Kebiasaan haversack mempunyai pembahagi berzip dibahagian tengah bag. Dengan membuka zip depan dibahagian bawah bag, bukakan zip pembahagi tersebut menjadikan bag sebagai satu bahagian. Buka dan longgarkan semua buckle dan strap.

2. Dirikan bag. Masukkan drybag. Jika tiada, mawsukkan plastik sampah bersaiz XL 120L kedalam bag dengan bukaan menghala ke atas. Saiz yang lebih kecil biasanya lebih nipis dan mudah terkoyak. Asalkan tebal, saiz tidak menjadi masalah asalkan lebih kurang dengan kapasiti bag.

3. Lipatkan sleeping mat, dan gulungkan supaya muat dimasukkan secara menegak kedalam plastik didalam bag tadi.

4. Menggunakan kedua belah tangan, besarkan gulungan sleeping mat membentuk rangka dan memberi bentuk terhadap bag anda. Barang barang akan dimasukkan ke bahagian tengah mat.

5. Untuk perlindungan berganda, balut setiap barang barang dengan drybag atau plastik. Untuk memudahkan capaian barang, balutkan mengikut penggunaan

- Sleeping bagTuala dan kain sarung
- Sepasang baju tidur
- Sepasang baju extra (standby untuk emergency, sesuai untuk treking atau tidur)
- Baju sembahyang
- Makanan peribadi
- Makanan kumpulan
- Barangan kelengkapan diri (mandi dan selepas mandi)
- Sanitary pad bagi gadis. Disebabkan pergerakan yang aktif dan masa pengurusan diri dan air yang terhad, digalakkan gunakan pad version overnight dengan wing.
- Pinggan mass tin sudu garpu gelas
- Hammock, flysheet, groundsheet.
- Survival kit. Didalam watertight container. Sebaiknya tin container dan ditapekan dgn pvc tape untuk waterproofkan kit.
- First aid kit. Watertight. Masukkan kedalam ziplock bag.
- Headlamp. (Sebaiknya dimasukkan kedalam ziplock bag juga. Untuk mengelakkan headlamp ter on secara tidak sengaja dan membazirkan bateri, masukkan kedalam tupperware. Ada juga yang memasukkan kedalam bekas jam roti. Sy pula guna bekas yogurt 450 ml. Reuse and recycle. Sertakan juga spare batteries bersesuaian dengan tempoh trip.

Sebaiknya sepasang pakaian disertakan sekali baju, seluar, dan pakaian dalam. Lipat secara gulungan untuk menjimatkan ruang.

Untuk keselesaan tidur, sertakan sekali stokin dan sarung tangan. Letak bersama sleeping bag.

6. Mengikut aturan yang paling ringan berada dibawah, diikuti yang berat di bahagian atas dan diakhiri makanan dan barangan perlu untuk mudah dicapai di bahagian poket mudah akses

- Mulakan dengan sleeping bag, tuala, baju emergency, baju tidur, kain sembahyang, toiletteries, makanan peribadi. Barang yang lebih berat diletakkan rapat dengan belakang bag.

- Pastikan setiap barang dimasukkan dengan mampat. Masuk barang besar dahulu dan selitkan barang lebih kecil di celah celah ruang kosong. Mampatkan. Pijak dengan kaki didalam bag kalau perlu.

- Tarik hujung plastik bag pelapik bag dan ikat atau simpulkan untuk mengelakkan baju baju basah sekiranya hujan atau tumpahan air atau makanan dalam bag anda.

- Masukkan makanan, selitkan pinggan, masukkan masstin. Pastikan masstin diisikan sesuatu untuk memaksimakan penggunaan ruang. Sebaiknya ration emergency. Sedikit beras, gula, garam, milo 3 in 1.

- Botol air hendaklah diletakkan secara menegak bagi mengrangkann kebarangkalian bocor. Letakkan rapat dengan belakang bag.

- Mampatkan setiap level barang. Pastikan tiada ruang kosong yang menampakkan bag seperti patah. Pastikan tiada barang yang bergoncang. Hammock boleh diselitkan melalui bahagian zip depan bag. Keatas atau kebawah

- Sehingga tahap ini, pastikan bag anda boleh berdiri tanpa sokongan dengan tegak. Jika senget atau terbalik, ulang proses penyusunan barang kedalam bag.

- Jerutkan bag anda. Atau bucklekan. Atau sebagaimana cara untuk menutup bahagian utama bag anda. Pastikan tiada tali yang boleh terkeluar. Simpulkan tali menjadi lebih pendek.

- Dibahagian toplid bag. Kebiasaan adalah terdapat poket sebelah dalam dan poket sebelah luar.

- Dipoket sebelah dalam, masukkan tupperware berisi headlamp. Anda tidak perlukan headlamp sehingga hari gelap. Jika perlu treking diwaktu malam, biasanya ada masa dikhususkan untuk mengeluarkan headlamp lebih kurang 630 - 645 petang. Ambil sedikit masa untuk membuka buckle lid dan keluarkan headlamp, tanpa tupperware. Letak ditempat lebih mudah dicapai seperti poket luar bag, poket seluar, atau jika tidak menggangu keselesaan, dipakai terus, atau gantungkan dileher.

- Tutupkan toplid, dipoket sebelah luar, masukkan barang paling perlu untuk senang diambil dan disimpan balik tanpa banyak masa dan proses. Survival kit dan first aid kit, snack ration peribadi.

- Disebabkan ruang ini ialah terhad, boleh juga membuat mini version of each. Asingkan  snack ration peribadi secara harian. Selebihnya ialah ditempatkan didalam bag. Bersesuaian keadaan kesihatan diri, asingkan untuk mini first aid kit yang hanya mengandungi mungkin plaster dan painkiller atau balm dikawasan banyak agas atau nyamuk.

- Bagi survival kit, sebaiknya pembinaannya sememangnya sekecil dan semampat yang mungkin. Ia adalah ciri utama dan tidak mustahil berbanding kit sebenar yang juga turut merangkumi emergency ration yang diletakkan didalam bag. Snack ialah satu bentuk emergency ration sewaktu treking. Manakala meal lengkap ialah emergency ration untuk trip. Sehingga betul betul perlu untuk menggunakannya, pasti ada masa untuk mengeluarkan dari dalam bag.

- Secara peribadi, toplid juga ialah bahagian yang saya masukkan sunglass dan hair brush. Walaupun realiti nya jarang digunakan, dan bukanlah barang yang penting, tapi ia adalah barang keselesaan. A little lux.

- Disebelah poket sisi, masukkan hanya minimum barang. Walaupun ruang agak besar, kadangkala mencapai 2-3 liter setiap poket, pengisian barang dibahagian ini boleh menyebabkan bag tidak kelihatan balance dan kurang kemas. Bag yang paling cantik ialah kurus dan tinggi, supaya pergerakan dalam hutan yang padat dicelah celah pokok mengelak bukuh dan duri rotan adalah lebih mudah. Hadkan kepada barang kecil kecil seperti plastik, paper. Namun begitu tidaklah salah memasukkan barang andai ruang dalam sudah tidak mencukupi. Kadang kadang saya memasukkan toiletteries, botol kosong, sliper ke bahagian ini.

- Botol minuman, jika tidak menggunakan bladder, dimasukkan dipoket tepi bag. Bahagian ini juga sesuai diletakkan parang, jika ada. Cuba seimbangkan berat disebelah kiri dan kanan.

- Setelah berpuas hati dengan bentuk asas bag, bucklekan semua buckle yang ada. Dan fastenkan. Ketatkan. Kedudukan biasa ialah

   - Dua dibahagian depan bawah, berdekatan zip depan bag.
   - Buckle toplip, dua didepan dan ada extension strap berdekatan shoulder strap.
   - Side strap, dengan fastener strap dibahagian bawah, buckle bahagian atas. Fastenkan sekali dengan botol atau parang di poket tepi, jika ada dan sesuai.
   - Sekali lagi, pastikan bentuk bag ialah cantik, balance, dan boleh berdiri tegak.
- Jika masih ada barang yang belum dimasukkan, dan bag mempunyai pelbagai jenis strap dan buckle seperti berikut
- Trekking pole diletakan di trekkinh pole strap. Jika tiada, letak sebelah tepi bag.
- Seliper boleh diletakkan di bahagian buckle, satu kiri, satu kanan.
Kuali diletakkan sebelah depan.
- Perlu diingatkan, hendaklah pastikan barang barang disangkutkan dengan kemas, tidak bergoncang atau berbunyi. Gunakan crab atau tali.

As far as the packing technique is concern, we are now good to go. Proses ini adalah perlu diulang ulang setiap pagi, mengemaskan tempat tidur, tukar pakaian tidur kepada pakaian trekking, dan mula packing bag anda. Kemungkinan barang makanan dan peralatan memasak masih belum siap digunakan jadi tiada masalah kerana ia berada dibahagian paliang atas.

Asalkan sudah merasa serasi denagb sistem, proses packing boleh dilakukan dalam masa yang singkat 5 ke 20 minit.

Panduan ini hanyalah berdasarkan pandangan, permerhatian dan pengalaman saya. Ia boleh diubah untuk keselesaan masing masing dan juga perkembangan teknologi dan peralatan. Barang yang baik semakin mudah didapati pada harga yang lebih murah.

Jika merasa ada sakit akibat tekanan dibahagian tertentu, cuba cara alternatif sehingga mendapat setting paling serasi dengan peralatan dan badan anda.

Sebagai panduan paling basic,

- Sleeping bag sentiasa dibahagian paling bawah diikuti tuala.

- Untuk perjalanan mendaki, barang paling berat perlu diletakkan di bahagian atas, rapat ke bahagian belakanh bag. Ini untuk memberikan kestabilan dan mengelakkan badan membongkok. Beban disokong bahagian hips.

- Untuk perjalanan  tidak sekata, dimana kebanyakan daripada trek di hutan gunung malaysia, barang paling berat diletakkan dibahagian tengah, rapat ke belakang bag.

- Sentiasa pastikan barangan berbalut plastik. Selain untuk waterprpofkan barang barang, ia juga memudahkan organisasi.

Sekian, maafkan saya jika ada yang dirasakan tidak perlu atau kurang tepat. Saya sedia menerima komen dan cadangan.

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

What gunung for 2014?

The updated version of senarai gunung di malaysia
List of mountaina in malaysia
the ranking below is merely based on its height, in feet.

on a side note, this does not represent the hardcore-ness, temperature drops, superb view, duration, cost, physical or mental challenge-o-meter.

1. Gunung Kinabalu 13,455 Sabah Kinabalu Park Sabah
2. Gunung Thusmadi 8,669 Sabah
3. Gunung Tambuyukon 8,462 Sabah
4. Gunung Murud 7,946 Sarawak
5. Gunung Mulu 7,795 Mulu Park Sarawak
6. Gunung Tahan 7,174 Taman Negara Pahang [2006]
7. Gunung Korbu 7,162 Ipoh Perak [2005]
8. Gunung Yong Belar 7,156 Perak/Kelantan [2005]
9. Gunung Gayong 7,129 Perak [2005]
10.Gunung Chamah 7,122 Tasek Temenggor Perak/Kelantan [2013 short of 200m to the summit]
11.Gunung Yong Yap 7,113 Kuala Mu
12.Gunung Ulu Sepat 7,089 Tasek Temenggor Perak/Kelantan [2013]
13.Gunung Batu Putih 6,990 Kg. Sg. Woh Perak [2014]
14.Gunung Tama Abu 6,930 Banjaran Tama Abu Sarawak
15.Gunung Irau 6,924 Cameron Highland Pahang
16.Gunung Benom 6,914 Jerantut Pahang
17.Gunung Apd Runan 6,900 Sarawak Kelabit Highland Sarawak
18.Gunung Gerah 6,898 Perak/Kelantan
19.Puncak 6852 6,850 Perak
20.Bukit Batu 6,863 Sarawak
21.Bukit Batu Buli 6,862 Banjaran Tama Abu Sarawak
22.Gunung Tumang Batak 6,830
23.Gunung Berembun 6,817 Perak [2009]
24.Gunung Bilah 6,812
25.Gunung Berumbun (Wray's)6,808
26.Gunung Bieh 6,800
27.Gunung Belatok 6,800
28.Gunung Junction 6,796 Perak Pahang Kelantan
29.Gunung Gedung 6,776 Taman Negara Pahang [2006]
30.Bukit Batu Lawit 6,712 Banjaran Tama Abu Sarawak
31.Gunung Berinchang 6,664 Cameron Highland Pahang
32.Bukit Batu Iran 6,620 Sarawak
33.Gunung Tangga 6,609 Cameron Highland Pahang
34.Gunung Mubu 6,475 Perak
35.Gunung Swettenham 6,434 Taiping Perak
36.Gunung Shoid 6,387
37.Gunung Ulu Kechau 6,380
38.Gunung Liang Timur 6,343 Behrang Ulu/Tg. Malim Perak
39.Gunung Liang Barat 6,342
40.Gunung Berhid 6,334
41.Gunung Challi (Pondok)6,309  
42.Gunung Siku 6,284 Cameron Highland Pahang [2005]
43.Gunung Tok Nenek 6,284
44.Gunung Noring 6,197 Perak
45.Gunung Bintang 6,110 Perak
46.Gunung Noring East 6,106 Kg. Kuala Balah Kelantan
47.Gunung Beremban 6,041 Pahang
48.Gunung Basor 6,038 Kelantan
49.Gunung Semangko 5,984 Kuala kubu Baharu Selangor [2010
50.Gunung Suku 5,896 Perak
51.Gunung Kuar 5,815
52.Gunung Ulu Kali 5,814 Ulu Yam Baru Selangor
53.Gunung Bujang 5,812 Pahang
54.Gunung Tiga Negeri 5,789
55.Gunung Raya 5,759
56.Gunung Besar 5,737 Lasah/Sg. Siput Perak
57.Gunung Warpu 5,724
58.Gunung Chabang 5,612 Simpang Pulai(Kinta) Perak
59.Gunung Jasar 5,565 Cameron Highland Pahang
60.Gunung Rajah 5,526 Bentong, Pahang
61.Gunung Ulu Semangkok5,473 Kuala Kubu Baharu Selangor
62.Gunung Lotong 5,459 Maliau Basin, Sabah
63.Gunung Bubu (Manong)5,437 Kuala Kangsar Perak [2012]
64.Gunung Bah Gading 5,318 Kg. Gedung/Bidor Perak [2010]
65.Gunung Pulang 5,259
66.Gunung Perdah 5,173 Cameron Highland Pahang
67.Gunung Ulu Jerneh 5,172 Kg. Kelian Gunung
68.Gunung Tera 5,105
69.Gunung Tangga 15 5,049 Taman Negara Pahang [2006]
70.Gunung Rabong 5,047 Gua Musang Kelantan
71.Gunung Ulu Titi Basah5,030 Tasek Temenggor Perak
72.Gunung Lebah 4,992 Kg. Ulu Selim(Slim River) Perak
73.Gunung Tapis 4,960 Kuantan Pahang
74.Gunung Ayam 4,934
75.Gunung Nuang 4,898 Pangsoon/Ulu Langat Selangor [2010]
76.Gunung Bedong 4,818 Cameron Highland Pahang
77.Gunung Lawit 4,982
78.Gunung Pangkin 4,797 Taman Negara Pahang [2006]
79.Gunung Besar Hantu 4,794 Jelebu, N. Sembilan
80.Gunung Mandi Angin 4,790 Dungun
81.Pine Tree Hill 4,777 Fraser's Hill, Kuala Kubu Baru Selangor [2010
82.Gunung Ulu Merah 4,757
83.Gunung Hijau (Maxwell)4,751 Taiping Perak
84.Gunung Ulu Perus 4,700 Taman Negara Pahang
85.Gunung Bunga Buah 4,690 Genting Highland Pahang [2010]
86.Gunung Temiang 4,098
87.Gunung Stong 4,664
88.Gunung Chingkai 4,583 Kg. Jalong/Sg. Siput Perak
89.Gunung Diwangsa 4,578 Taman Negara Pahang
90.Gunung Ulu Bakar 4,563 Taman Negara Pahang
91.Gunung Bakar (Palas)4,560
92.Gunung Che Tahir 4,523
93.Gunung Ulu Telang 4,516
94.Gunung Gagau 4,513 Taman Negara Pahang
95.Gunung Menyelit 4,467
96.Gunung Talang 4,413
97.Gunung Ulu Bakau 4,421 Selangor
98.Gunung Inas 4,400 Kg. Kenering, Grik, Perak
99.Gunung Penrissen 4,360 Sarawak
100.Gunung Ulu Soh 4,343 Tasek Chenderoh, K. Kangsar, Perak
101.Gunung Padang 4,314 Terengganu
102.Gunung Baha 4,294
103.Gunung Kambing 4,288
104.Gunung Berangkat 4,254 Perhentian Bertam Baharu Kelantan
105.Gunung Saji 4,212
106.Gunung Ulu Tirus
107.Gunung Perlis 4,195 Taman Negara Pahang
108.Gunung Ledang 4,187 Asahan/Sagil/Tangkak Johor  [2005]
109.Gunung Panggang Paku 4,155Cameron Highland Pahang
110.Bkt Lata Papalang 4,152 Kg. Tg. Pari(Baling) Kedah
111.Gunung Bujang Melaka 4,048 Kampar Perak [2005]
112.Gunung Surat 4,031
113.Gunung Kenderong 4,011
114.Gunung Biong 3,997 Kg. Baharu Sauk,Batu Kurau Perak
115.Gunung Jerai (Gurun)3,992 Kuala Muda Kedah
116.Gunung Reskit 3,989 Taman Negara Pahang [2006]
117.Gunung Gajah Terom3,958 Terengganu
118.Gunung Bokbak 3,934 Perak
119.Gunung Telapa Buruk 3,913 Kg. Ulu Klawang N. Sembilan
120.Gunung Irong 3,908 Pahang
121.Gunung Chintawangsa 3,886
122.Gunung Kuak Rimau 3,712 Grik
123.Gunung Kubang Badak 3,650Kg. Surau Baling Kedah
124.Gunung Gabis 3,627 Kg. Bkt Koman(Raub) Pahang
125.Gunung Penumpu 3,590 Taman Negara Pahang
126.Gunung Laris 3,527
127.Gunung Terra 3,503
128.Gunung Peninjau 3,471 Chemor Perak
129.Gunung Serundum 3,462 Pancing/Kuantan Pahang
130.Gunung Lerek 3,441 Kg. K. Sentul Pahang (Maran)
131.Gunung Kachang 3,436
132.Gunung Kub
133.Gunung Birut
134.Gunung Tebu 3,408
135.Gunung Belalai 3,406
136.Gunung Besar 3,398 Johor
137.Gunung Belumut 3,313 Kg. Kahang/Kluang Johor [2010]
138.Gunung Perenggan 3,275
139.Gunung Bekok 3,126 Johor
140.Gunung Cherlak 3,065
141.Gunung Datok 2,900 Rembau N. Sembilan
142.Gunung Raya 2,890 Pulau Langkawi Kedah
143.Gunung China 2,890
144.Gunung Perak 2,836 Kedah
145.Gunung Chirgoi 2,804
146.Gunung Ulu Kemapan2,802
147.Gunung Chenuang 2,788 Selangor
148.Gunung Tok Bidan 2,763
149.Gunung Beremban 2,753
150.Western Hill 2,723 (Penang Hill) Pulau Pinang
151.Gunung Jua 2,719
152.Gunung Angsi 2,702 Kuala Pilah N. Sembilan
153.Gunung Santubong 2,657 Sarawak
154.Gunung Ulu Baranang2,654
155.Gunung Ulu Kaho 2,600
156.Gunung Besar 2,595
157.Gunung Kapal 2,592
158.Gunung Bayu 2,549
159.Gunung Berantai 2,520
160.Gunung Tampin 2,507 Tampin N. Sembilan
161.Gunung Mat Chinchang2,339 Langkawi, Kedah
162.Gunung Pulai 2,147 Pulai, Johor
163.Gunung Muntahak 2,339 Kota Tinggi, Johor
164.Gunung Sumalayang2,018
165.Gunung Rajah 1,890 Taman Negara Pahang
166.Gunung Lambak 1,673 Kluang, Johor
167.Gunung Senyum 1,594 Felda Bt. 25/Jengka Pahang
168.Gunung Panti 1,498 Kg. Lukut, Kota Tinggi/ Johor [2012]
169.Bukit Takun 1,450 Melawati/Ulu Klang Selangor
170.Gunung Lubok Tedong 1,420 Melawati/Gombak Selangor
171.Gunung Lepo 1,400 Ulu Langat Selangor
172.Bukit Tabuh 1,300 Melawati/Ulu Klang Selangor

in aqua blue - completed

in red - attempted, but did not make it to the peak

updated Jan 10, 2014

dipetik dari sini

Monday, January 6, 2014

I need a pisau

I used to keep a good parang always in the car. Often just under the seat. Praying hard i wont have to use it. Its not even sharpened when i first bought it from a hardware store. And oh, even the experience buying it giving me goosebumps. I followed the worker to the back of the store, climb up a ladder to a storage of all parang, sabit, kapak, u name it.
The parang later used by my men, and i eventually bought a sharpening stone later.

I still keep it after my men not using them. Whenever there's need for cutting or chopping, my parang always comes handy. Eh dont get me wrong, all work use. Nothing much.

Although when u read through this piece of writing and start to wondering what kind of work have i gotten myself into, rest assured it was all legal. And yes it does involve everything however unpretty as rumours may have it. Like how about me having late afternoon chat with gangs, surrounded with their motorcycle of which having a shiny long parang slipped under the seat?

There's not even once of me being in any life threatening situation. But i wasnt approached by only one gang to start with. We even purposedly delay the deal to cooperate with any.

Thus it was a sensibly a self comfort knowing i always have parang ready. Its like a form of protection in the rural place. Ever since i started to be stationed in remote places away at least 30mins from the main road. So i keep a chemical spray (it was a gift from my then company director), attached w a whistle, a pointed pair of scissors (inspired my my then company other director who keep a idk what its called but pointed small stuff for some twenty years in the industry) before the parang join me aboard.

Now that i have withdrew myself from the situation. I returned the car, and the parang is now handed to one of my then men.

Now i need a pisau. I dont know i somehow found myself gone deeper in remote areas, on foot, it seems wise to upgrade my blade w multitools (my third set but the only one i still own) to a real survival knife.

I have briefly researched on the subject. These are my findings and will be updates once i learn more on that

Where to get - any good hardware store may have one. Ace hardware in mines, or ogm in ss15 is been recomended to be a good spot. Often any outdoor store will hv them

Budget - rm100

Tangs - looks strong with a full tangs, but a folded ones seems handy.

Brand - anything reliable. Ka-bar, gerber bear grylls, mora.

Sheath - easy to carry on belt.

Material - not easily rusty. Low maintenance. No frequent sharpening necessity. Carbon steel?

Others - comes with magnesium fire starter perhaps?

Looking forward for my first real knife :)