Friday, November 1, 2013

what time, eh?

so i caught up with this.

its an Omega Ladymatic.
available in overwhelmin7 27 variants.
18K rose gold, stainless steel, dual tone, leather, white or black mother of pearl dial, stainless steel dial, snow setting diamonds bezel,  ahh ladies we are too pampered with choicesss. not that we can make any easier decision of just two options anyway.

if and only if we could ever afford one that is.
but i dont see anything worng with a proper admiration of a precised and nanosized of some hundreds of components that make up a very stunning minuter repeater. eh, is that what those watch gurus called this time piece?

so lets talk something that is much more actively reacheable atm.

im wearing a japs for years to date. its all the convenient and the multifunctional Casio that is.

well. exactly this. accidentally treasured this old model. too good of a deal i cannot pass.
now, if u were to scroll down a bit, u'll find my review of my darling baby g. its just an upgrade really. 
so the problem with this kind of unit is the resin strap. it could last for just about 3-4 years before showing serious cracks and calls for serious moneyed replacement. (not to mention it needs special order that would take days if not weeks)

so, im looking forwards for this
heavy duty - military spec ZULU nylon strap

and i will just need a adapter or converter for the attachment and all set to go.

truth is, its little too striking having a striking loud yellow on my wrist really. lol.
so this army green or humble black would tone down the statement my oversized (though its a slimline in its series) mini machine.

now would you please, just imagine the outcome.

i actually have another mission, still on braincells level research and development.
insyaAllah, will be presenting a proposal soon.
well, nothing much, but really, its about taking things to next level.

till next post then. bye darlings~ :)