Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Eat Right with Nina

note that the title is might be read to imply that i have a good appearance like someone who has been take a good care of the physical appearance so i can share a tip or two on the said subject. in which, NO.
i have all the flaws you can find a in lady.
pimples, excess fat, non-proportionate body measures, abnormal blood composition, sensitive skin condition, you name it.
thus in order to fight my own body, i've been trying to find the cure. if no cure, then at least to lessen the burden i've been experiencing.

i can hv the doctor prescribed to treat most of my skin condition for example. but there's no replacement for steroids just yet. so having years trying to get the best for myself, i think its about time to document some tips even it is way from being perfected.

contrary to the popular beliefs, i'm okay with not having 2L of liquid perday. (cheat trick: just find a good google to go with your personal preference =p)
sometimes more and sometimes much less.
i drink when i want. its a good practice to have plain water always ready within reach when u feel thirsty.
plain water is always the best choice to do the replenishment before, and after a good sweat. in my case, be it my day to day work in the island or my un-routine run around the blocks.
i always opted for plain fresh milk whenever my pocket permits. goat milk over cow milk at anytime, but of course since the former is more expensive than the latter, we don't do luxury every day do we?
now i feel like wanted to try to put lemon slices or lime or any other herbs for the taste since i hatttte plain water. but so far i only tried with honey and sometimes pinch i bit of salt into my tumbler.

eat as plentiful as we can. be it in the form of grain, veges, fruits or nut. and let them be in their most natural form as possible. unrefined, uncooked, blanched, unpeeled, unprocessed, with no additional unnecessary other added seasoning. its super good for your peristalsis process.

just eat as you please. i bet not many can afford too eat too much of these on daily basis. its either you get full or your pocket emptied  themselves before you add another serving. so just any humanly 1 serving per meal should do it. but then again, always go for the unprocessed and cooked with the least seasoning possible. i always liked my meat lightly salted and sprinkle with some black peppers and perhaps a squeeze of lemon or two, and some soysauce. oh wait. i never had that. i dont cook, LOL.  take burgers, sausages, bratwursts, corned beef, canned or frozen food as only the very last resort. i mean, last resort. the very last resort would be bacon already.

i guess that should be all.
and vary your intake, dont just go staple with always rice with chicken and cabbage in every meal. vary. so you could get various benefit the foods has to offer.
but in my case, not all my favourite food is easily available. what do you expect you can get in a island? haha.
so its more of a food for survival we had there. i just pick ones with the least oil, or sugar. and pack as much food as i can from home.

and avoid anything processed. pass by the snacks and canned food in the fastest speed as you can. drive past any fastfood joints the fastest the speed limit would allow. if you must, that is. but what works better, grow some disgust towards these. even your body doesnt favour it. yes, after some times without, you will find those too salty, too oily, and your body will instantly have some unease reaction upon consuming unhealthy food.

and best of all, dont trust this if these info doenst appear to naturally acceptable for you. do more and more readings. do advise me on anything i could improve.
okay then, thank you for reading, darlings! :)

Monday, April 22, 2013


aku stress.
dengan aku sendiri.

i ran away from something towards the nothingness.

"will u run away?"

sekarang aku rasa sangat tak best.
kawan kawan rapat dengan aku pun aku tak reti nak jaga hati.
like seriously aku sayang kot orang orang yang sayang aku. 
tapi sometimes aku couldn't help nak express rasa upset.
and many times, aku sangat cepat terasa.
especially dengan orang yang rapat dengan aku.
and that is the point things will start to get ugly.
and of all the times, aku selalu tak boleh be there bila kawan kawan aku perlukan aku.
sedih.., gila!

seriously sangat stress ok! i feel very bad bad. 
and the tense build up lepas tak dapat jumpa make up balik.
kalau dengan kawan kawan sendiri aku dah tak reti nak bagi komitmen, 
i dont know what value aku ada.

useless ok.

now aku rasa kawan kawan aku banyak kot either terasa dengan aku, marah, tak suka.
kawan kawan that matter that is.
and i dont know what to do.

now aku even more convinced, aku memang sebenarnya tak capable untuk menyayangi sesiapa.

"no i'm not running. i am falling. dont bother to catch. go get me a platform i will safely land onto"