Friday, November 1, 2013

what time, eh?

so i caught up with this.

its an Omega Ladymatic.
available in overwhelmin7 27 variants.
18K rose gold, stainless steel, dual tone, leather, white or black mother of pearl dial, stainless steel dial, snow setting diamonds bezel,  ahh ladies we are too pampered with choicesss. not that we can make any easier decision of just two options anyway.

if and only if we could ever afford one that is.
but i dont see anything worng with a proper admiration of a precised and nanosized of some hundreds of components that make up a very stunning minuter repeater. eh, is that what those watch gurus called this time piece?

so lets talk something that is much more actively reacheable atm.

im wearing a japs for years to date. its all the convenient and the multifunctional Casio that is.

well. exactly this. accidentally treasured this old model. too good of a deal i cannot pass.
now, if u were to scroll down a bit, u'll find my review of my darling baby g. its just an upgrade really. 
so the problem with this kind of unit is the resin strap. it could last for just about 3-4 years before showing serious cracks and calls for serious moneyed replacement. (not to mention it needs special order that would take days if not weeks)

so, im looking forwards for this
heavy duty - military spec ZULU nylon strap

and i will just need a adapter or converter for the attachment and all set to go.

truth is, its little too striking having a striking loud yellow on my wrist really. lol.
so this army green or humble black would tone down the statement my oversized (though its a slimline in its series) mini machine.

now would you please, just imagine the outcome.

i actually have another mission, still on braincells level research and development.
insyaAllah, will be presenting a proposal soon.
well, nothing much, but really, its about taking things to next level.

till next post then. bye darlings~ :) 

Monday, September 9, 2013

the ehhs aand ohhs about me being kurus.

"eh kurus kau? aku tak perasan tadi ingatkan siapa"

"ehhh.. kurusnyeee"

"eh apasal kurus?" "no seriously, kurus kenapa?"

"alaa kurus sangat tak cantiklaa"

well, thank you for the comments. i take that as a compliment.
true, i've shed some weight off. used to be in the range of 63-65kg, its 60-61kg now.
not as much as ones u see in the slimming ads though.
even the inches doesnt reduced as much.

maybe some recalled my healthy entries before

i didnt really follow my own words, but i've reduced unhealthy consumption quite greatly.
eh lets put it down
1) no late night meals - sometimes i dont even had my dinner. too tired for food sometimes. built my bed way too comfy i fall asleep in less than 15 minutes or so? eh no, im still hvg that insomnia lah.
2) no no no fast food. i used to be a regular like 3-4 times per week to Senai McD. cut down to once or twice per month. jajan consumption is still unavoidable esp. near the time of the month.
3) very few sweet drinks -

oh, call this a little extra factor, i lose my appetite whenever i think of him. thank you. idk why its just happened. just imagine, me with a plate of anticipated hearty plate of good lunch on a busy day, half way thru, when suddenly seeing his name appear on my phone screen, i can literally feel like i cannot swallow. alrite. ha. idk i feel like being watched at a distance perhaps?

and oh, have u heard about this theory? here,
there's a tendency for ones to make their partner put on weight so whenever they are not together, the partner would appear less attractive to others, thus would stay loyal to them, or cannot find new love.
and yes. he did mentioned he liked me to be more on the plump side. iseewhatudidthar.jpg

while the intent of him being clear like that, i dont really put any thoughts on him.
withdrawing self from the tension zone was just a natural gesture of me.

but after realizing i really got thinner, i feel bad. i never lose weight. iirc. being rated underweight for my school days, i consider every kg is a hard gained ones. the preciouscollection of mine. having to reach a normal BMI, being able to feel that my fitness is improved is priceless.

so i'm afraid this weightloss would associate with a degrading fitness level or even metabolism rate.
i will now focus more on running and running and running to maintain my body and perhaps tone it up a bit.

oh, its been awhile since i last had a good run. pfft. i can even feel that my form doesnt comfortable enough. urghh.

really, kurus sangat tak cantik is one thing, getting a nice fitting baju is another painful task.
too small for M, too tall for S. my childhood problem revisit.

alhamdulillah for the health, may we all benefit our body for good deeds.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Casio Baby G review

Basic Info
  Case: Resin
  Accuracy per month: ±15 sec
  Battery Type: CR1616
  Battery Life: 2 YRS
  EL: Blue

Memperkenalkan kesayangan saya daripada tahun 2007 sehingga 2012. Enam tahun yang baik.
saya mendapatkannya secara tidak sengaja. berkunjung ke greentown mall sekadar menemani rakan baik saya membeli laptop, dan saya secara tidak sengaja masuk ke kedai jam, dan tanpa melengahkan masa, saya terus memilikinya. kebetulan pula jam saya sebelum itu telah rosak case nya. model yang terdapat ialah limited, saya cuma mahukan jam yang digital dan beberapa function seperti stowatch dan timer serta alarm dan ianya perlulah tahan lasak.

namun jam ini ialah puppy series, released  back in OCT 2005.
apabila button Light ditekan, maka akan ada image ini didalam muka jam tersebut.
back cover image

puppy image di hujung tali jam

pada mulanya sedikit hesitate lah dengan gambar gambar puppies tersebut. tapi harga jam ni dapat di negokan sehingga agak berpatutan, dan memandangkan gegambar tersebut bukanlah menyerupai haiwan yang sebenar, saya tak fikir ia merupakan suatu masalah.

ciri ciri baby G ini adalah seperti yang berikut..

1/100-second stopwatch
Measuring capacity: 23:59'59.99"
Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times
function ini adalah perlu terutama untuk pemain rubik cube. setelah berjaya diajari rakan rakan baik saya untuk menyelesaikan rubik cube, jam ini merupakan stopwatch terbaik selain handphone.

saya juga kerap merekodkan masa larian dengan jam ini.

12/24-hour format
saya lebih gemarkan 24H format. 

Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month
tak perlu risau untuk sentiasa check ketepatan

Approx. battery life
2 years on CR1616
pertama kali battery jam saya kehabisan ialah apabila saya mendengar azan subuh dan terjaga dan segera saya tekan button Light untuk melihat waktu. apabila jam saya tidak menyala, hati saya gelabah seakan bertanya 'adakah ini mimpi?' 
rupanya ia adalah simptom battery lemah, glow nya tidak dapat diaktifkan. setelah beberapa hari, keseluruhan display ialah terpadam.
kos untuk menukar battery baharu cuma RM20. 

sila ambil perhatian sewaktu proses penukaran dilakukan. (adalah lebih baik untuk menonton how to terlebih dahulu sebelum ke kedai jam)
sewaktu case dipasang semula, pastikan rubber seal ring dimasukkan ke channel tersedia di body sebelah dalam dengan rapi sebelum back case plate diskrukan. kerana itu merupakan komponen utama dalam memastikan water resistivity jam kesayangan anda.

selain itu, ada review menyatakan, bunyi amaran telah dikeluarkan menandakan bateri semakin lemah sebelum ia mengakibatkan paparan.

Auto-calendar (to year 2039)
sekali lagi, kerisauan adalah tidak perlu untuk ini

Daily alarms
5 independent daily alarms
bunyi alarm nya adalah tidak memadai buat seorang penidur dalam (deep and sound sleeper) seperti saya. malah alarm tone di handphone saya juga perlu selalu ditukar kerana saya akan immune dengan bunyi yang sama. 
agak perlahan, tapi sebenarnya agak mengjengkelkan. seperti nyamuk!

Data Bank
Memory capacity: Up to 25 sets of data, each set including;
Name (8 characters) and telephone number (12 digits)
Other: Auto-sort
fungsi yang sangat saya gemari dan perlu.
nombor emergency dan kerap dihubungi seperti keluarga terdekat dan kawan kawan terdekat adalah tersimpan didalam jam saya.
pada kejadian dimana phone saya kehabisan battery atau hilang, saya masih boleh menghubungi orang orang yang perlu dihubungi dengan wang syiling dan telefon awam dan ia banyak kali terjadi. dan saya tidak menghafal nombor walau siapa.

Data Counter
Automatically counts down the days from the current date to a target date.
Memory capacity: 5 records (8 characters of text)
A mark appears on the display to let you know when a target date is reached.
saya kira saya tidak pernah menggunakan fungsi ini. 
mungkin berguna untuk countdown sesuatu.

Dual time
mungkin kalau saya ada berhubungan dengan sesiapa dari zon masa yang berlainan, fungsi ini agak berguna. tapi tidak buat berapa lama jam ini berkhidmat dengan saya

Electro-luminescent backlight
berguna untuk bacaan senang. atau untuk menghiburkan kanak kanak. kerana image gadis kecil dan puppy tersebut dan juga orang lidi berlari di sudut atas paparan jam.
sekurang kurang nya fungsi kegemaran sepupu kesayangan saya jojo dan jojie yang masih kecil.
saya juga sering terhibur dengannya.

Hourly time signal
agak mengganggu, jadi saya tidak mengaktifkannya.
ini bukan jam dinding.

Regular timekeeping
Hour, minutes, seconds, am/pm, month, date, day, daylight saving on/off
fungsi paling utama sebuah/ seutas jam.
paparan nya juga jelas, terutama untuk melihat hari dan tarikh secara serentak.

Shock resistant
sebab kedua saya tidak ragu ragu untuk memiliki jam ini.
pemakaian jam ini bolehlah dikatakan 24/7. baik semasa tidur, mandi, belajar, berkerja, beraktiviti lasak.

Size of case / total weight
BG-592PP ...... 45.9 x 42.6 x 14.0 mm / 43 g
agak besar dan berat sebenarnya buat saiz tangan biasa perempuan.

antara ciri lain merupakan

resin band
coating pada tali jam ini tergores dan perlahan lahan terkopak dalam tempoh satu-2 tahun.
kotoran amat mudah melekat. apa yang saya lakukan ialah cuba mencuci dengan pelbagai cara.
pemadam, berus gigi, alcohol, tapi tidaklah mengembalikan seri seperti jam baru, cuma nampak kurang kotor sedikit sahaja.

kesan retak mula jelas pada tahun ketiga. loop untuk secure hujung tali juga putus satu demi satu. 
adalah agak sukar untuk mendapatkan tali ganti kerana sizenya bukan lah standard seperti G Shock dimana kebanyakan kedai jam mempunyai stok tersedia pada harga yang berpatutan. malahan warna light blue juga adalah hampir sangat tidak mungkin didapati di pasaran tempatan. kalau ada pun, harganya mencecah separuh harga jam itu sendiri.

sehinggalah jam dan saya terpisah, sekalipun tidak pernah ditukarkan talinya disebabkan kesukaran itu.

20bar water resistant
bersamaan 200meter.
memandangkan saya bukan lah seorang penyelam, cukup sekadar jam ini mengharungi mandi setiap pagi dan petang, titisan hujan. renangan dan rendaman sungai dan laut mahupun paya.

mineral glass
tiada calar yang jelas walaupun beberapa kali terlanggar sesuatu yang keras. 
namun pembinaan bazel case nya yang menyebabkan lumpur dan daki melekat jauh kedalam ruang terselit depan dan belakang jam. 

dan sekarang saya hanya menerima hakikat yang jam ini tidak lagi berada dengan saya. 6 good years of companion.

untuk seseorang yang mempunyai kulit yang sangat sensitif dan banyak terdedah kepada situasi mencabar, tidak banyak pilihan yang terdapat, dan BABY G ialah pilihan yang tidak mengecewakan!

sekian, terima kasih kerana sudi membaca :)

sumber gambar dan info dari

Monday, May 20, 2013


kadang kadang aku macam terfikir. eh aku selalu berfikir rupanya. ataupun berangan.
adakah kegagalan itu diwarisi.

aku tak tahu takdir masa hadapan (andai umurku panjang, aminn ) macammana.
akankan aku mewarisi apa sahaja kegagalan dalam orang orang sekitar aku, keluarga terutamanya?
iaitu aku tidak mempunyai banyak pengetahuan tentangnya.
cant be all failure, kan?

cis. apa aku taip ni? gagal bercerita dengan baik juga merupakan satu kualiti ekslusif aku.

hidup aku setakat ni bukanlah sangat membanggakan. tapi juga tidak sangat merisaukan. mungkin ala kadar sahaja.

tapi sebenarnya mungkin kita gagal untuk sekadar rekod. rekod cubaan.
takkan nak ada rekod gagalan pula?

kita mungkin selalu tengok kejayaan atau kegagalan seseorang atau sesuatu.
tapi bukan semua life event seseorang itu kita teliti. proses untuk mendapatkan hasil sama ada gagal atau berjaya tersebut.

anggaplah aku dalam proses inbetween's lagi. goal yang kita identify doesnt always match dengan actual goal we will discover.

nikmatilah hidup anda, jalani dengan baik, semoga diberkati Ilahi :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

running for beginners. the DON'Ts!

im a beginner for a few years to date. simply because i never made any significant progress on that because i had my on and off season having me to start over every few months or so.
it doesnt matter much because i dont intend to be a competitive runner, just maintaining my fitness and health and just for the fun of it.

due to my knee injury previously, i had adapted barefoot running. and the rule of thumb of the practise is start slow. thats what ive been doing lol.

so anyway, here's some mistakes i did learnt in the hard way (i currently had 2 large blisters formed on my soles at the moment.

  1. stay alert to the voice of your surrounding. for every possible reason. as i ran in non isolated area, it is expected to encounter another runner, approaching vehicles, another people and we have to stay alert to either give way, run away, or throw a smile away. because nobody wants tragedy.
  2. stay focused on the trail. although it doenst mean to fix your eye gaze 45 degrees downwards at all times, unless u were running on a uniformed platform, it pays to not to be distracted even by a second. that was how i got my first cut. i was looking at a text on my phone (not to mention i ran not in a peace of mind because i had some quarrelling with my err my.. oh nvm. which is also make up another BIG FAT NO) i stepped a rock or roots and i continue running until the target mile point and noticed a bleeding cut when i lifted my foot. and super pain synchronzedly registered right to my brain. pfft. thats about how i got my blister tonight too, as i keep looking on my phone checking the time to end my run. i overstrided the uneven tarmac road and booms, i immediately feels the burning sensation.
lastly, always picture the form to minimize the chances of getting any kind of injury. glad to say that these blisters was my second ever since i addicted into this barefoot running. the first one is formed due to exxessive star jumps anyway. 

till then, continue to live healthily peeps! 

tips sharing on wellness

okay, although i may not (again, disclaimer here) appear to be as fit as someone who would give out tips on wellness, i believe i would just drop a couple should anyone might benefit from it.
not to mention i also forgot them at times, lol me!

  1. when u feel like having some kind of sickness, consider pooping. im not quite sure hows that relates to the better feeling, but it works for me when i had motion sickness due to long journey, period pain, and just whenever i had the growling stomach. some suggested that our poops are actually toxic and given certain condition, it might toxicate our body hence the sickness experienced. which could be true indeed. 
  2. when u had stomach pain, drink milk. im a big fan of fresh plain milk. anytime over any water. i always get the pain when i took spicy foods in which i suspect couldnt tolerate well in my gastronomic environment. i suppose milk have the dilution effects or emulsification of some sort.
  3. when u feel like improving ur bad sleeping habits (any other sleep time outside the optimum 10 to 2 o clock), exercise. be it running, swimming, dancing, any other activity u can squeeze into ur day. the concept is to get your body utilising whatever energy fed on the day. and in my case, to calm down some adrenaline rush that frequently happen. i feel good when i sweat. its a kind of detox, too. plus, who doesnt love healthy glow blushed effect u get after a good workout!
that should do for now.
perhaps i could go through some other tips worth knowing on essentials like salt and its universal usage. 

thank you very much should you find this writing useful, do share with me if u have some :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Eat Right with Nina

note that the title is might be read to imply that i have a good appearance like someone who has been take a good care of the physical appearance so i can share a tip or two on the said subject. in which, NO.
i have all the flaws you can find a in lady.
pimples, excess fat, non-proportionate body measures, abnormal blood composition, sensitive skin condition, you name it.
thus in order to fight my own body, i've been trying to find the cure. if no cure, then at least to lessen the burden i've been experiencing.

i can hv the doctor prescribed to treat most of my skin condition for example. but there's no replacement for steroids just yet. so having years trying to get the best for myself, i think its about time to document some tips even it is way from being perfected.

contrary to the popular beliefs, i'm okay with not having 2L of liquid perday. (cheat trick: just find a good google to go with your personal preference =p)
sometimes more and sometimes much less.
i drink when i want. its a good practice to have plain water always ready within reach when u feel thirsty.
plain water is always the best choice to do the replenishment before, and after a good sweat. in my case, be it my day to day work in the island or my un-routine run around the blocks.
i always opted for plain fresh milk whenever my pocket permits. goat milk over cow milk at anytime, but of course since the former is more expensive than the latter, we don't do luxury every day do we?
now i feel like wanted to try to put lemon slices or lime or any other herbs for the taste since i hatttte plain water. but so far i only tried with honey and sometimes pinch i bit of salt into my tumbler.

eat as plentiful as we can. be it in the form of grain, veges, fruits or nut. and let them be in their most natural form as possible. unrefined, uncooked, blanched, unpeeled, unprocessed, with no additional unnecessary other added seasoning. its super good for your peristalsis process.

just eat as you please. i bet not many can afford too eat too much of these on daily basis. its either you get full or your pocket emptied  themselves before you add another serving. so just any humanly 1 serving per meal should do it. but then again, always go for the unprocessed and cooked with the least seasoning possible. i always liked my meat lightly salted and sprinkle with some black peppers and perhaps a squeeze of lemon or two, and some soysauce. oh wait. i never had that. i dont cook, LOL.  take burgers, sausages, bratwursts, corned beef, canned or frozen food as only the very last resort. i mean, last resort. the very last resort would be bacon already.

i guess that should be all.
and vary your intake, dont just go staple with always rice with chicken and cabbage in every meal. vary. so you could get various benefit the foods has to offer.
but in my case, not all my favourite food is easily available. what do you expect you can get in a island? haha.
so its more of a food for survival we had there. i just pick ones with the least oil, or sugar. and pack as much food as i can from home.

and avoid anything processed. pass by the snacks and canned food in the fastest speed as you can. drive past any fastfood joints the fastest the speed limit would allow. if you must, that is. but what works better, grow some disgust towards these. even your body doesnt favour it. yes, after some times without, you will find those too salty, too oily, and your body will instantly have some unease reaction upon consuming unhealthy food.

and best of all, dont trust this if these info doenst appear to naturally acceptable for you. do more and more readings. do advise me on anything i could improve.
okay then, thank you for reading, darlings! :)

Monday, April 22, 2013


aku stress.
dengan aku sendiri.

i ran away from something towards the nothingness.

"will u run away?"

sekarang aku rasa sangat tak best.
kawan kawan rapat dengan aku pun aku tak reti nak jaga hati.
like seriously aku sayang kot orang orang yang sayang aku. 
tapi sometimes aku couldn't help nak express rasa upset.
and many times, aku sangat cepat terasa.
especially dengan orang yang rapat dengan aku.
and that is the point things will start to get ugly.
and of all the times, aku selalu tak boleh be there bila kawan kawan aku perlukan aku.
sedih.., gila!

seriously sangat stress ok! i feel very bad bad. 
and the tense build up lepas tak dapat jumpa make up balik.
kalau dengan kawan kawan sendiri aku dah tak reti nak bagi komitmen, 
i dont know what value aku ada.

useless ok.

now aku rasa kawan kawan aku banyak kot either terasa dengan aku, marah, tak suka.
kawan kawan that matter that is.
and i dont know what to do.

now aku even more convinced, aku memang sebenarnya tak capable untuk menyayangi sesiapa.

"no i'm not running. i am falling. dont bother to catch. go get me a platform i will safely land onto" 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

of finishing a book

now. what do i do now.

i've just finished a book.

and the ending was just very sweet and romantic. might i say, that was the best ending could have ever been written?

my heart is now overwhelmed with the awwss and ohhhs.

now go. get ur copy.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

of turning into the quarter life, insyaAllah

insyaAllah, semoga diberikan umur yang panjang.

looking back. where was i for the past 25 years?

i completed my gap year to my self satisfactory. i get to know wide range of people around the world and more importantly, they all inspire me in some way or another, however little.
well then, i got the job i wanted. it was not the best job anyone could dream of, but at least it did for me. and with the arrangement within the company, i got the trust from the upper management to let me handle the project all alone by myself. it was a yay for having the freedom. and another yay for the large set of responsibilities that lies within. and a mega yay for keeping my sanity in check. and having one of my 6 buildings undergone an inspection for handover with the authority just recently, i deserve a one-sixth final yeay! alhamdulillah.

my family is fine. but i have yet to get my mak n abah get a good well rest at home, without having to get to work anymore. or worrying about money. we children need to work harder for that.

abang is going to get married. its been a while since we last had any big family gathering for wedding. so this very one is much anticipated by us all. hello kakak! there'll be more ladies at home later on, hehe. but the kenduri will be sometimes later, mid 2013. or should we already get some preparation done?

my uncles n aunts are doing well. though my tuk n tokki is no longer around, we still get to celebrate raya together at kampung. in which the tradition was not practiced in like 5 yrs before.

my treasured friends doing just fine. although i have to admit, we are getting much on our own ways, and rarely our path crossed. i would love more meeting ups and catching ups but than we had. but i love u all very dearly. and seeing so many of them having the display pictures being their offspring/s instead of themselves, i am truely happy for that. my humble apology for not being able making my presence on most of your big days.

of love life, im still happily single. the word happy is loosely used here. but who would actually want to say otherwise, unless well, ones really is not happy. im a hopeless romantic if that's what a person want. so yeah, the dating game is really not for me. i cant be all sweety lovey dovey i guess.
i cant see my self dedicating my life to just one man, without any guarantee of what direction we are heading. nahh im not even sure about that.
when a person being too straight forward and act all confident, i feel like its not even real.
when a person being all unsure and not at all confident, that also doesn't sounds real to me.
so its true woman never actually know what they wanted.
its not like i afraid to fail it. im just afraid, when it really failed, i cant let u go.
i always believe in the love life after marriage. insyaAllah.

these being said, i guess i have to do better in days ahead. i really hope so. lets live more like a grown up!

chin up, and smile! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

construction engineer essentials #1 - sunblock!

amboii. ini la title yang paling baik aku penah come out untuk blogpost aku.
*pat self on the back*

aku ada very bad skin condition. u name it. jerawat, extreme allergy reaction, eczema. sampai satu tahap aku macam ahh redha je. eczema contohnye, there's no cure found so far. sume skin problem aku ni macam takleh settle for good. die boleh appear all of sudden, heals by no apparent madications, heals on steroid, and recurring.

since my uni days, aku ada cuba satu sunblock ni.

With Aloe Extract to keep skin soft.
  • For protection against UVA & UVB.

  • Contains Aloe Extract to keep skin soft and supple.

  • Clear Watery Liquid formulation is smooth and transparent on skin.

  • Low irritation.

  • Water-proof.

  • Suitable for face & body.

i got this one at first dalam trial pack. murah la MYR6 macam tu. packaging biasa dia agak mahal MYR30 lebih kurang. 
ok la, non sticky, clear finish, kan.. until the trial packs is nowhere to be found, i cant afford to repurchase the actual sized product, and being the cheapskate me, i stopped using this. 

i mean, almost any other face finish pun ade spf content kot. i thought double shot la. foundation ke face powder ke biasa ade skali kan sunscreen macam ni. so xnecessary la kan.

then lepastu ada lagi.. 

lancome pulak. this one lepas pakai kan, terus rasa sesuatu tau dekat muka. its creamy in texture and rasa dia macam.. urm macam apa ek slight burning sensation gitu. tak lama sekejap je. finished look dia pun agak oily n putih sikit. but tak waterproof of sweatproof. so aku selalu berpeluh under the sun kan, boleh clerk of work tegur, bedak cair meleleh. padahal aku xpakai bedak kot. just sunscreen ni je. pergh malu gak la sikit sikit. tapi berkesan. sebab aku tak rasa pun kulit muka gelap or sunburnt teruk given my very harsh long hours under sun exposure macam tu kan

lepas lancome ni habis, agak ngam la dengan habis projek masa tu. so lepak HQ office, xrasa its necessary lagi nak beli baru. nak beli lancome rasa macam xlayak untuk cheapskate tegar macam aku. lol.

then jalan jalan pharmacy, terjumpa lagi sunblock murah

oke bukan lah murah pun, tp sebab pack dia kecik. MYR 6 or 7 macamtu. 
ini pun lebih kurang lancome tu jugak. ni aku beli masa baru start project baru. sekali wipe je peluh kat muka dengan handkerchief, habissss. kena reapply. tapi tangan aku dah kotor macam macam ni. buruh kasar la katakan. tp bau dia best. fresh je bau handkerchief aku biarpun hari menjelang petang. hah kau bahasa puitis pula. so in a way, aku pakai pakai, tak pakai tak pakai. cam takde rasa obligated sangat la.

then  bila project aku towards the end dah. and lagipun aku cam rajin je buat lawatan berkala ke pahrmacy berdekatan, aku pun terdetik nak beli sunblock baru. this time around aku ingat yang dulu aku pakai sunplay, langsung xsticky kan. so i got myself this

hah alang alang kan, SPF 130 terus!
and i super love it!
white powdery finish, not sticky at all, no strange sensation upon application, sweat proof, water proof, i like it at the first touch.
keberkesanan has yet to be tested sebab sekarang sun exposure aku not as much as before.
tapi aku still berpeluh dekat muka tapi bila wipe tu kan, pat pat gitu je. jangan terusss wipe atas ke bawah pusing pusing gosok pulak muka lagi. gentle je. tapi kadang kadang je pun aku gentle. kate kurang sikit berpeluh sekarang hehe.
tapi 1 thing for sure, aku xpakai bedak or jauh sekali mekap ape pegi keje sekarang. memang plain face bangun tido mandi, the tu je la muka aku sampai ke petang. malam kalau keluar baru mekap sket. kang expired mekap aku tp still taj luak membazir tau. haha.
so bile sunblock ni dah ada macam kesan pemutihan sikit, macam double the effect macam aku pakai bedak gak la. tapi aku rasa natural je kot. sehari dua lepas pakai, balik HQ office tak kena bebel lagi sebab dah hitam. sebaliknya mendapat shocked faces.
"nampak lain"
"nampak lain hor. kurus?"
"meiyo. ada putih sikit leyh"
"putih dan kurus isn't it?"
"ya lor putih. tapi kurus takda nampak"

hahha terus aku gelak evil. lepastu baru cakap thanks to my brand new sunblock. bagi i putih macam i pakai bedak sikit. lol.

dekat site pun dah berapa kali orang cakap aku makin putih. i take it as a compliment always sebab satu, projek aku dah nak siap pun, tak payah berpanas berhujan sangat lagi, so kulit pun dah boleh cerah balik. dua, sebab memang betul pun, nampak putih sikit. padahal sebenarnya tak sangat pun hahah.

sekian. selamat mencuba!