Monday, November 19, 2012

ketiak anda berpeluh?

its perfectly normal!
tapi tengoklah kalau bahagian badan anda yang lain kering tiba tiba ketiak berpeluh sakan, itu mungkin sedikit kurang normal.
bagi saya yang selalu mendapati peluh peluh terjadi sehingga terasa menitis di badan dan kaki, ketiak juga tidak terkecuali untuk menitiskan peluhnya sehingga ke pinggang.

dahulu saya berkerja memakai uniform coverall
seperti ini.

disebalik coverall tersebut, kami dikehendaki berbaju dan berseluar pula didalam. tudung pun dimasukkan kedalam. dengan pouch bag lagi, hard hat lagi, kalau hari hari yang memenatkan dalam plant, memang cukup laju peluh keluar. 

TAPI!!! saya sendiri pun tak tahan dengan bau badan saya! bayangkan perasaan masuk dalam ofis yang beraircond lepastu,

"kau bau tak aku busuk sekarang? aku bau aku busuk sekarang"

padahal kita setiap pagi bangun dari tidur, mandi dan pakai deodoran konfiden sahaja mesti takde bau badan. kalau terperap sahaja dalam ofis memang lah ok. 

peluh pada sifat asalnya adalah masin sahaja dan tidak berbau. kadar kemasinan juga saya dapati agak berbeza (peluh tawar pun ada!) jadi saya tertanya tanya apa penyebab bau badan ini? memang badan saya busuk kah? oh tidak!!

anda familiar tak dengan situasi ini?
sweat stain!
dia macam keras dan agak shiny. deodoran residue rupanya.
baju baru basuh pun still bau macam masa bau badan busuk. rupa rupanya!

pelbagai jenis deodoran yang telah saya cuba sejak.. hmm sejak akil baligh mungkin?

this was once my favourite!

tapi biasanya i just pick the one yang murah je masa membelinya.

namun saya berasa sudah cukup cukup sudah. sudahlah tak tahan dengan bau badan ketika berpeluh, malah baju juga menjadi rosak. maka saya cuba alternatif yang lebih natural.

smelly no more!

i've been eyeing this very one for quite sometimes before i finally decided to put it in my cart. quite pricey RM15 approx. im still on my first bottle and its been what, like more than a year? and i have to say this is one really goood~

im still sweating. in my line of works, sweat is necessary. haha. 
my shirt only have soil and dirt stain, if any. no more annoying deodorant residue that is going to be there even after multiple washes.
no matter how bad i am sweating, like a pig or such, i didnt notice any foul odor

but since the rock salt is like salty dry, i need to spray water mist to wet it. a bit hassle. 

yes, ive tried testing it. it is really salt. it is salty. 

so if u happen to also hv bad BO, and dont mind sweating but cant let people around u notice the embarassing smell, i definitely recommend this type of deodorant. there's a couple of brand on the rack.

upon reading further on mineral crystal natural rock salt deodorant, i can only conclude one thing, even if its not working, what harm could salt do? goodbye commercial deodorants!

on the sweat spots, it helps to wear loose cotton shirts on. invest on good linens. as the fabric is thick, but the threading is in such a way the let u feel the breeze in and dry up the sweat before u know it. usual t shirts wont do the trick as it absorbs the sweat but takes forever to make it dry by itself. wearing damp cloth is also the last thing i would fancy in my line of work.

but if u happen to be sweating on less breezy windy places, then under shirts might be the answer.

*** gambar di google secara gigih ***

Thursday, November 15, 2012

work and life balance. is it a myth?

so get up got to school, do well in the exams, get into a good uni, graduate and secure a high paying job in large well known company.

i almost got that right. almost. until i started some serious thinking and decided to take play a little too seriously. i always had a little difference in advancing my path apparently.

i always liked my work to be in a fast paced ups and downs. project based that is. i got it just what i always dream of. but then i got this tiny little window to squeeze something hobby-related in between. the opportunist me seems to have fun taking the risk to juggle between the two.

but not so long before i see how my workplace having trouble with my lack of supervision. i took one sunday off and it took one week to rectify the works. then i started to feel bad. but i give my guilty me no time to look over it and i still pursue my hobby things inbetween.

things got worse when my friends and i organized some events. i dont know their organizational skills but i took charge to help them out because we share the same mission. we got some misunderstanding in the middle which makes me realize that i've been incorporating the way i managed my subcons to that of my friends. and trust me its not always easy to get me talking to people in humanly manner when i see things purely technical. but anyways the event was a success with a huge gaps. and marking my points to just do my works well. i dont always needs to get off work early to see my friends, or planning the works to suit my days in the woods. or to pant my heart out hiking uphill while talking on the phone with people at work! we should be singing and have fun!