Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tengku Eena rase inspired bile bace n tgk gambo orang2 yg passionate dgn sesuatu yg they really good at while i'm still figuring out mine

i just come across some blogs and multiplies of people who love to run. the race entries, the race-pack-collection to finishing line stories.

its safe to say that i hate run. the athletic and competitive one of course.
but u'll easily spot me running around, instead of walking. that one is simply because i just love to get there faster, less tiring that way. i run in the office, to and from the house and train station, room to kitchen, upstairs, and downstairs too when my knee is good.
yeah, i suffer from (minor) runner's knee for quite a number of months. i'm not even a runner!

from what i read, running may result in injury and pain.
but they bear with it for various worthy reasons.

in a way they enjoy it as much as they suffer.
i think this is cool.

it looks real simple though, just run and keep going for one hour or two, and there.. the milo van waiting with refreshing cups.
courage and determination will make it to the finish line
and the fitness and endurance is something that needs to be built up, its not simply inherited or blended in the DNA
only then comes good cushioned footwear, nice quick dry singlet, and energy liquids and chews
sounds pretty hard now.

cool, huh?

as for me,
i started to love race, its a runway of good shaped dudes and dudettes
runners, thanks for the inspiration!

Friday, May 28, 2010

the revival of my favourite pair of jeans

dont ask me how.
or why it took me ages.

jap lagi.. jappppp je lagi..
aku nak meneruskan niat suci.
mass laundry lagi!

dah berapa hari berapa cycle aku berhempas pulas

  • pakaian putih n cerah
  • pakaian gelap
  • pakaian kecil
  • seluar plak
pastu ade lagi
  • pakaian tertinggal
dan kalau masih tersisa kerajinan
  • sleeping bag yang dah berapa hutan simpan die pegi lame takbasuh

bukan ape, rumah ni tade mesen basuh, laundry plak tah celah mane tade pun aku jumpe
so nak tanak, tepakse la aku edep, basuh cara tradisional.

berbekalkan sabun berperisa aloevera, dan lemon scented glove, aku da boleh rasa gembira dapat basuh baju skarang

bukan ape (lagi), baldi osmet aku jarang kosong, ampaian pun jarang kosong..
arini kosong, maka bolehla amek kesempatan, err.. peluang!

hashtag = #ihatelaundry

Thursday, May 27, 2010

oh putus

i am no superwoman nor wonderwoman. when i tried to fix things, there will still be two possibilities; OK and not OK.

but its ok though, i know very well my strength on living with broken stuff, those OK items wont last long, some thing will sooner or later happen.
as usual, i will dedicate my entire brain and muscles to fix it, anyway i can. which will certainly give another two kinds of possibilities; better or worse.
later i keep myself sane with one simple phrase; whatever that works, whichever gets me there.
no matter how sophisticated or silly my methods are.
and if u were to realize, our planet earth is now connected, from one end to another end, no excuse for such thing as lost contact these days.
cable. thanks to the cables.

it laid out underground, subsea, elevated above ground, and surrounds us.
i might just start about radiation effect here but hey, since i mentioned it already, you go google-lah, be more resourceful citizen please.

as much as i redha that i breathe the rotten egg or kentut smell of H2S that might cost my life, i will accept those radiation effect, too.
but please, enlighten me, just for this one time, for once, if its not too much

bakpe kebel saye putuh sokmo. kalo dok putuh macang kene kerat pung adela selai due sub-kebel die putuh gok lah lah. pisa, laiter, skrudrebar, sume kene keep handy.

this kind of situation kind of hurt my image. my reputation is now at stake.

now do me a favour. tell me im not alone. i'll feel much better.
thank you in advance
here, one cute emoticon --> ^__^

Saturday, May 15, 2010

soalan typical these days.
abes aku buat formspring aku rasa cam  busan je. takkan nak buat2 tanye sendiri as anon then buat2 jawab dgn bold buat2 annoyed pulak kan.
so buatla blogpost sebagai penghibur hati. harap anda terhibur!

Q: awak buatpe skang?
A: as for living, saya tolong rakyat/pemastautin Malaysia melayari internet. lagi tak boleh lagi tu saya tolong. kalau takdapat jugak, saya tuduh la apa2 rosak. then saya suh orang lain pegi buatkan.
selaen dari tu, kegiatan sosial saya sedikit terganggu sebab weekend saya kerja. tapi saya masih cuba menunaikan tangungjawab sebagai rakan, anak, dan kazen semithali yang boleh.

Q: apsal keje ni?
A: sbb saye kan nubs. time teknikal trening tu kalo bleh sy sedut sebanyak mungkin ilmu ghaib nih. takde site visit, xde lab, xde slides, ghaib la tu kan? aneh woo kaedah ni. time kaseh trainer saya yg byk bersabar dgn karenah saya yg kerap hampir membunuh kucing ni. tu je short term goal saye. it was.

Q: eh apsal xkeje pet?
A: amoih. selaen saye knal ngan md/ceo sy yg lame dulu tu je yg skang da jd vp, sy xhafal lg sape ceo baru kampeni ni. cane nk kje camtu2 je? igt senang2 je ke? orang yg apply peluh2 bertingkat2 pun ade xpat, lagila saye yg x apply ni. susah tol nk reply soklan ni everitaim bekenalan.

Q: so skang?
A: goal da achieve. tp x establish new road for the next goals lagi. stuck la kot duk stay lg ngan keje ni

Q: quit je la then?
A: not that easy. mataduitan gakla sikit sikit. ada org dah start sound2 be grateful la eena, at least u have a job. nak keje buat betul betul ramai lagi yang nak keje ni. yada yada~ to a point where quit is seemingly to be an ethical option.

Q: okla.. nak buat ape lagi?
A: nak bercuti... em... nak masuk hutan lama-lama! agak-agak seminggu boleh?  tu je yang terbaek dpt difikirkan skang. jom aaaaaaaa~~~~~
selain tu saya nk isi masa lapang dgn mevolunteer pape secara aktif. 

esok sabtu n saya keje. sekian time kasih dan salam 3pagi. ouh, sy da tido td bfore midnite, hihi. skang tido yg seken lak.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

oh where is the sound

ok last night when i got home, first thing i did is turning my sayang on.
i just got my hard disk full with new movies, -thanks to the geek house-.

and it happens that when i play, no sounds came out. i tried with different players but negative. so i reboot.

then i reboot again.

again and again.

i gave up and tried the older kernel

now it works!

so i take my time watching a movie.. with some background process,running in the background (i now managed to watch many videos in full screen mode. talk about loneliness n boredom)

in the meantime, i posted a question in #ubuntu-my
which later somebody posted a link

this morning i reboot in the default kernel and followed the instruction in the link

ouh before that i just randomly
sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart 
that went ok but the sound not yet there

bla bla bla.. the hardware is there n recognized, kernel got the sound packages, so seems like nothing is actually wrong

but the last line,

sudo alsa force-reload

made me i finished another movie :)

really, the next problem that i need to fix, i'll ctrl+f 'finally' in the troubleshooting page