Monday, April 26, 2010

oh that dream gain

the song in my rhythmbox playlist was wrong no matter how much i next-ed it
the fan speed was too fast yet i sweat
i feel fat when earlier today i noticed my jeans is loosen

i had the dream again.
in my dream, i challenge it to be just a dream.
but everything was so real.
so i believe.
just to be awake, and realize
that was still a dream.

i love it when you friends are around.
where i can forget things
n go random

and when im all alone, i think of it
and realize that
im all alone
and that dream, comes to me randomly
so i can smile, and shower with love 
even in just a short while
i tried to intelligently digest the message
but what could it really be?

when im miserable,nothing was right.
maybe what i need is just a hair cut.
or just a trim.

ouh.. got something here..
so yeah, the stage is yours!
i'll try to be honest all i could

Sunday, April 18, 2010

oh hai

hye readers!

im back again, everything stays in place just like before, no changes, regardless of how deep inside the gaung the writer has been before, but surfaced back up in one whole fine piece, if not better. please enjoy your stay here, do whatever you could; click the monetary items, as it might make me richer by few cents but im not so sure neither did i expect many from it.

since there are people actually asked to be permitted into this blog during the closing period, i need to state this somewhere in here, this blog will always go public. unless i decided to close it so no one can get in or split the entries so that parts of this blog will always available for they might help for the better mankind civilizations, as if.

im still in the middle of getting the right tune in this frame of time and well, i need to make a move soon. ouh darling new job come here my baby~
my current job pays me quite well for this kind of task. ouh yes, i just passed the assessment and technically eligible to do the job, ends my training, working for two days already now. that's all about it.

till then, take care my friends :D